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Kewaunee County Chairman Ron Heuer on Manure Management

By November 19, 2014No Comments
Kewaunee County, Wisconsin is at the forefront of changing how manure is managed. After decades of land spreading manure, they have seen a steady increase in groundwater contamination that has an estimated 30% of the county’s wells unsafe for drinking water.  County Chairman Ron Heuer writes on his blog ( about this issue and points to deploying on-farm technologies like the BioEliminator™ as critical to solving their groundwater problem. Chairman Heuer stated at a recent board meeting…”there are a number of companies that are moving quickly to provide these types of treatment solutions to dairy operators in Wisconsin, which are both affordable, highly efficient and commercially viable. Compared to traditional large scale anaerobic digestion/nutrient management systems which come in around $5000-$7000 per cow, require grants and/or subsidies and are just not scalable down to the smaller dairies, these new systems are now in the range of $1000-$2000 per cow, have compelling performance metrics and and can be installed at virtually any size dairy. As a result of these technology advancements, I believe there are some new and exciting opportunities for Kewaunee County to not only address our own groundwater quality issues but to help our important diary industry thrive and grow in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. And finally, I believe we have the opportunity to demonstrate real leadership and innovation in the State and become a model for other counties with similar issues”.