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Majestic Crossing Dairy Saves Costs with Robots

By March 23, 2019No Comments

Majestic Crossing Dairy is finding value in being progressive with the technology they use. In the past year, the dairy has made some large investments in its future by making robots a part of its daily routine. According to an article by Progressive Dairyman called “Robots bring additional cost savings to Majestic Crossing Dairy,” the installation of robots has helped the dairy to achieve 40 percent reduction in labor hours, an automated milking process, better troubleshooting techniques, and higher overall performance.  In addition, the farm is now seeing 25 to 30 percent less water in its manure pits due to a reduction in parlor wash water.

Digested Organics has also been a contributor to Majestic Crossing Dairy’s progressive spirit. Our ultrafiltration and two-step reverse osmosis technology is helping the dairy to better manage their manure waste and reclaim water. Check out the video here.

To learn more about the robots at Majestic Crossing Dairy, click here.