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Polymeric Ultrafiltration

We are revolutionizing crossflow ultrafiltration with a new PVDF membrane solution ideal for high strength and high solids wastewater streams that is energy efficient, sustainable, and simple.

What is Polymeric Ultrafiltration (pUF)?

  • Our pUF consists of a unique PVDF membrane chemistry, energy-saving module design, and patented closed-loop operating protocol for achieving high permeate recoveries.
  • Our pUF performs in high strength, high solids wastewater treatment or thickening applications, providing UF quality effluent (0.04 micron pore size) with minimal energy consumption.
  • Our pUF is the world’s only outside-in crossflow UF membrane filtration technology for high strength and high solids wastewater.

What Makes pUF Unique?

Our Parallel Channel PVDF Module

  • Outside-in permeation occurs in parallel channels
  • The required crossflow velocity to achieve high flux rates is 2-10x less than tubular membranes, resulting in dramatic energy savings
  • High membrane packing density (385 ft2 in a 10” x 10’ module)
  • Up to 20 psi backwashing capability to maintain peak performance
  • Systems are designed to run continuously in a feed and bleed configuration or with internal concentrate thickening in a repeat batch configuration
  • Typical electrical consumption: 2.5-3.0 kwh/1,000 gal of permeate

Typical Tubular Membranes

  • Inside-out permeation occurs in parallel tubes
  • High crossflow velocities are required to achieve optimal fluxes
  • Limited backwashing capabilities (unless using our stainless UF membranes, which can be backwashed)
  • Low membrane packing density (171 ft2 in a 10” x 10’ module)
  • Typical electrical consumption: 25-50 kwh/1,000 gal of permeate

System Design and Scaling

Digested Organics offers several standard sizes of pUF systems to meet various capacities. Larger systems and custom designs are available upon request

System Module Size Number of Modules Total Area Permeate Rate (GPD)*
DO-PVDF-8-4 PVDF-8 4 460 6,325
DO-PVDF-8-4 PVDF-8 8 920 12,650
DO-PVDF-10-4 PVDF-10 4 1,540 21,175
DO-PVDF-10-8 PVDF-10 8 3,080 42,350
DO-PVDF-10-16 PVDF-10 16 6,160 84,700
DO-PVDF-10-24 PVDF-10 24 9,240 127,050
DO-PVDF-10-32 PVDF-10 32 12,320 169,400

*Assumes average flux rate of 15 GFD and 22 hours/day operations, allowing 2 hours/day for Clean-in-Place or maintenance, as needed.

Key Features

  • Tolerates high solids and high concentration wastewater
  • Exceptionally low energy consumption
  • Fully back-washable modules allowing for extended operation between maintenance cleans
  • UF permeate suitable for re-use in some applications or further purification