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Wastewater Filtration Solutions for a Cleaner World

Digested Organics specializes in cutting-edge filtration and waste treatment technologies designed to address the complex challenges of water purification, waste reduction, and environmental sustainability. Our sophisticated solutions cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with environmental standards.

Explore Filtration Equipment
An example rendering of Digested Organics machinery

Advanced Filtration Solutions

Nutrient Management | Water Reclamation | Product Concentration & Clarification

Piloting & Consulting

In-house Testing, On-site Demonstrations & Rentals, Process Design & Engineering Services

Advanced Filtration Solutions

Spiral Brush Screen Filter, Ultrafiltration, Forward Osmosis, Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation System

Support & Maintenance

Equipment Service Plans, Inspection & Maintenance, Operator Training

Why Digested Organics

Digested Organics has been providing cutting-edge filtration and waste reclamation technologies that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly since 1959. Our advanced systems transform waste into valuable resources, reduce operational costs, and promote sustainability. Decades of industry experience and a commitment to customized solutions, we help businesses optimize their waste management practices and achieve long-term success.


Dairy & Swine Farms
Food & Beverage
Distilleries & Breweries
Industrial Digesters
Landfills & Composters


Disposal & Hauling Fees
Legal Challenges
Odors & PR


Onsite Filtration & Treatment
Water Reclamation
Co-Product Production
Engineering Consulting
Remote Monitoring

Industry Specific Solutions

Manure & Digestate

Filtration solutions for nutrient concentration, water reclamation, and fertilizer production

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Advanced wastewater treatment solutions and clarification/concentration of products


Stillage filtration for water reclamation, reduced hauling costs, and animal feed concentration

Landfills & Composters

Leachate treatment, PFAS remediation, and water reclamation


Wastewater filtration solutions, water reclamation, and beer filtration systems


Advanced wastewater filtration and process separations

Client Testimonials

Ready to explore cutting-edge technologies in nutrient recovery and water reclamation?

Watch our full webinar on and see how we’re transforming anaerobic digestate into valuable resources.

"America’s largest manure digester supports producers’ environmental goals"

Jenn Coyne
Editor / Progressive Dairy

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