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Filtration Equipment

Advanced Filtration Solutions

Spiral Brush Filter

The wastewater to be filtered flows into the top of the unit where it enters the interior of the cylindrical screen.

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Solids Floculation and Flotation System & Multi-Disk Press Dewatering System

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Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration 

Robust cross-flow filtration for challenging liquids

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Polymeric Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration is not just a product, it is a UF and MF treatment solution for high strength/high solids wastewater streams that is energy efficient, sustainable and simple.

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Super Filtration

Recover valuable proteins, nutrients, and other valuable product from waste streams using superfiltration membranes made with a patented coating.

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Two-step Reverse Osmosis™

Concentration and water reclamation in a non-biological, compact system

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Reverse Osmosis

We utilize two different types of Reverse Osmosis for final treatment in our filtration systems.

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