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Leachate Treatment for Landfills and Composters

Transforming Leachate Management

Addressing the challenges of leachate, a complex wastewater from landfills and compost sites, requires efficient, cost-effective solutions. Digested Organics offers Ultrafiltration and Forward Osmosis systems designed for onsite leachate treatment, significantly reducing disposal costs and environmental impact.

Leachate Treatment Solutions

Our systems provide more than 95% wastewater recovery as clean water, suitable for discharge, while concentrating waste for easier disposal. Specialized in PFAS removal, our technology ensures compliance with emerging environmental standards.


Key Benefits

  • PFAS Removal: Advanced solutions for emerging contaminants.
  • Automation: Minimal operator oversight needed, simplifying operations.
  • Cost Reduction: Lower leachate disposal and treatment expenses.
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Innovative Systems for Sustainable Leachate Treatment

  • Spiral Brush Filter: Removes TSS and BOD, prepping for irrigation or advanced filtration.
  • Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration: Achieves over 95% leachate recovery, meeting strict regulatory requirements.
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Partnering for Environmental Success

By choosing Digested Organics for leachate treatment, you’re not just complying with environmental regulations; you’re embracing a partnership that prioritizes sustainability and operational efficiency. Our expertise in advanced treatment technologies ensures that your facility can tackle the most challenging leachate issues, from contaminant removal to water recovery, transforming potential environmental liabilities into assets. This collaboration is about more than treatment; it’s about adopting a forward-thinking approach to waste management, optimizing your operations, and contributing positively to environmental stewardship.

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FAQs: Leachate Treatment

What is leachate treatment?

Leachate treatment involves processing the liquid that drains or ‘leaches’ from landfills or compost piles, removing contaminants to prevent pollution and protect water resources.

Why is leachate treatment important?

It’s crucial for environmental protection, reducing the risk of groundwater contamination, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for waste management.

How does Digested Organics' technology improve leachate treatment?

Our technology efficiently removes contaminants, including PFAS, recovers clean water for reuse, and concentrates waste for easier disposal, enhancing both environmental and operational outcomes.

Can Digested Organics handle the treatment of leachate from any landfill or compost site?

Yes, our systems are designed to be scalable and adaptable, capable of treating leachate from various sources and sizes of landfills and compost sites.