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Manure and Digestate Management

Transforming Waste Into Resource

Digested Organics has solutions for both small and large farms, in addition to sites that already have a digester. Our advanced filtration systems help turn manure or digested liquids into clean water and concentrated fertilizers. We can also process farm runoff or leachate to produce clean water and concentrated nutrients for land application. We specialize in manure filtration, water reclamation, and digestate management.


Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

Our innovative technology focuses on manure filtration, water reclamation, and digestate management, offering a sustainable approach to handling agricultural waste. By processing manure or digested liquids, we produce clean water and concentrated nutrients, suitable for land application, promoting environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

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From Waste to Worth

  • Nutrient Recovery: Efficiently reclaim nutrients for use as high-quality, eco-friendly fertilizers.
  • Water Reclamation: Generate clean water from farm runoff or leachate, suitable for irrigation and other agricultural needs.
  • Digestate Management: Specialized solutions for handling digestate, enhancing the sustainability of biogas production.
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Benefits of Our Advanced Systems

  • Cost Reduction: Significantly lower manure hauling and spreading expenses.
  • Volume Minimization: Reduce the overall volume of manure and digestate.
  • Operational Scalability: Adapt our compact, modular solutions to fit any farm size without the need for additional land.
  • Environmental Protection: Decrease odors, pathogens, and the risk of runoff, contributing to a healthier environment.
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Leading with Science and Sustainability

  • Spiral Brush Filter: Removes solids and nutrients, preventing clogging and buildup in storage facilities.
  • Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration: Achieves high removal rates of phosphorus, nitrogen, and pathogens, producing clean water and concentrated fertilizers.
  • Superfiltration and Reverse Osmosis: Advanced filtration techniques for maximum purity and efficiency.
About Us

A Journey from Manure to Resource

Adopting Digested Organics’ manure management digestate solutions empowers farms to adopt a sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly approach to agriculture. This strategic move addresses immediate waste management challenges and plays a critical role in enhancing the long-term sustainability and productivity of farming operations globally. Our innovative technologies not only manage waste efficiently but also convert it into valuable resources, contributing to a more sustainable agricultural future.

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FAQs: Manure and Digestate Management

What is manure and digestate management?

It involves processing livestock waste and biogas plant by-products into valuable resources, such as clean water and fertilizers, through advanced filtration and treatment technologies.

Why is managing manure and digestate important?

Proper management reduces environmental impact, recycles nutrients back into agriculture, and complies with regulations, improving farm sustainability and efficiency.

How does Digested Organics' technology transform manure and digestate?

Our technology filters and treats manure and digestate, separating them into clean water, concentrated nutrients for fertilizers, and sometimes energy, enhancing farm operations and environmental protection.

Can small farms benefit from these management solutions?

Yes, our scalable and modular solutions are designed to fit farms of any size, helping small farms efficiently manage waste and recover valuable resources.

How do these solutions help with regulatory compliance?

By reducing pollutants and pathogens in waste, our solutions help farms meet stringent environmental regulations regarding waste management and water quality.

What are the environmental benefits of manure and digestate management?

Benefits include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, minimized runoff and water pollution, and a lower carbon footprint through nutrient recycling and clean energy production.