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Bettencourt Dairy #6
Wendell Idaho

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Milking Cows
Gallons of manure digestate per day
Gallons of clean water for irrigation produced per day
Tons of fiber for bedding produced per day
Gallons of salt concentrate removed from land application

Bettencourt Dairy

A project that tackles the challenges of big dairy

Digested Organics is proud to partner with Bettencourt Dairy on this big project in Wendell, Idaho.

Over 11,000 cows will be sending nearly 350000 Gallons of manure digestate per day to be processed through anaerobic digester tanks to capture methane and create renewable natural gas.

Following this process, the liquid digestate will be screw pressed and dried for fiber bedding – over 40 tons of it each day!

The pressed liquid from this process flows into the Nutrient Concentration and Water Reclamation/NCWR) system by Digested Organics, which will produce and store over 175,000 gallons of clean water for irrigation every day.

Inside Bettencourt Dairy

Process flow for Bettencourt Dairy

The digestate flows to Screw Presses for fiber separation. Liquid from the Screw Presses(Pressate) flows through a centrifuge to further clean out fibers. Centrate flows to the Nutrient Concentration and Water Reclamation System(NCWR) to filter the water making it clean and safe for irrigation.

1. Screw Press
2. Solid Removal & Dewatering Unit
3. Superfiltration

4. Sub-Induction Time Reverse Osmosis
5. Polishing Reverse Osmosis

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