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Solids Removal & Dewatering Unit™ (SRDU)

Solids Flocculation, Flotation, and Dewatering System

Solids Floculation and Flotation System

  • High efficiency injection of compressed air and polymer into mixing system provides enhanced contact between solids and polymers
  • Space efficient – about 2-4x smaller than a typical DAF
  • Enhanced solids removal means cleaner effluent (<0.1% TSS typically)
  • Adaptability – can be adjusted to process different flow rates and is more tolerant of wastewater variations than a DAF
  • Typically uses 20%-50% less chemical than DAF systems
  • Produces drier sludge

Solids Floculation and Flotation System

  • Better contaminant removal rates than DAF systems
  • Adaptability–adjusts to higher flowrates
    and higher contaminant levels without equipment changes.
  • Less chemicals–uses 20%-80% less chemicals than DAF systems
  • Smaller Footprint–uses less space than other flotation and
    flocculation systems.
  • Drier Sludge–the technology of using long chain polymers
    produces drier sludge(8 to 13% drier and over 20% after decanting.)

Multi-Disk Press Dewatering System

  • Stainless steel discs with abrasion resistant coating rotate to squeeze water out of flocculated solids
  • Creates a cake-like product ideal for land application or further processing into fertilizers, soil amendments, or biochar
  • Made in the USA

Time-Tested Polymer Solutions

  • We have partnered with Soil Net LLC to supply time-tested polymer solutions for manure and digestate applications.
  • Dr. Aicardo Roa has been developing polymers specifically for manure separation for over 20 years and we know conclusively that his formulations are the most cost-effective on the market today.

Key Features

  • Compact and energy-efficient
  • Flocculates suspended solids to create clean effluent
  • Removes volatile solids from digestate to biogas project enhance CI score
  • Creates ~20%TS wet cake product that’s easy to handle and move
  • Highly automated for hands-free operations

Typical performance with digested dairy manure post screw-pressing:

ParameterUnitsSRDU InfluentSRDU Effluent% Removal
Total solids %3.91.659%
Total volatile solids%2.20.670%
Total suspended solids mg/L23,5001,60093%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen mg/L84750341%
Organic nitrogenmg/L1,14440065%
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) mg/L1,98991154%
Phosphorus mg/L400n.d.>90%
Potassium mg/L2,6002,20015%
Sulfur mg/L204n.d.>90%
Calcium mg/L1,88930084%
Magnesium mg/L64330053%
Sodium mg/L1,9571,72512%
Iron mg/L41.3n.d.>90%
Manganese mg/L7.31.086%
Zinc mg/L11.31.091%
Copper mg/L19.32.090%