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The World’s Most Anti-Fouling Membrane

Recover valuable proteins, nutrients, and other products from waste streams using our superfiltration (SF) membrane systems. SF membranes are a new class of membrane that falls between ultrafiltration and nanofiltration, demonstrating high NF-like organic rejection and low UF-like inorganic/salt rejection. SF membranes are also highly hydrophilic (water-loving) and utilize a patented chemistry that provides exceptionally high fouling resistance on streams previously considered unsuitable for membrane separation.

Filterability and Cleanability

Our SF membranes have an unprecedented ability to maintain high flux rates in the presence of fats, oils, and proteins while rejecting >99% of molecules >1kDa molecular weight. They are also highly cleanable, often recovering >80% of performance with short water flushes and >99% of performance with a short chemical clean-in-place. SF membranes are uniquely chlorine tolerant, providing a quick and cost-effective cleaning solution.

Fouling-Resistant Superfiltration

  • Unique patented membrane technology that resists fouling by fats, oils, proteins
  • Removes 99+% of molecules > 1 kDa, resulting in clarified water ready for RO
  • Compact and cost-effective spiral wound elements use standard membrane housings and system components
  • Easy to clean with caustic and bleach
  • Most membranes in this class are NOT bleach tolerant, ours is!
  • SF concentrate contains small organics that are ideal to recycle to digester
  • Membranes expected to last 2-3 years

Spiral-Wound SF Elements

Filtration Skid


  • Separation of valuable protein and oil products from process streams
  • Removal of organics and other impurities prior to reverse osmosis
  • Treatment of landfill leachate to remove color and organics
  • Treatment of anaerobic digestate (typically after pre-filtration)


  • Immune to irreversible organic fouling
  • Recover valuable proteins, nutrients, and more from waste streams
  • Extend the life of RO elements; enable RO treatment where previously impossible
  • Recover performance with short maintenance cleans with chlorine
  • Nominal MWCO of 1k Daltons
  • Made in USA

Superfiltration Partner – North America

ZwitterCo is our partner for North America.