Service & Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

Our field service technicians are professionals with years of experience servicing pumps, valves, and other components unique to our filtration equipment. We can assist with preventative maintenance, repairs, or upgrades as requested.

Remote Monitoring

You’re busy and your filtration system should not be something you spend time worrying about. Let us remotely monitor your system to provide real-time updates and alerts when needed, suggest scheduled maintenance and cleanings, and help optimize your operations.

Online Dashboard (DOMetrics™)

Need a quick look at how your filtration system is performing? Log into your personalized DOMetrics dashboard for summary information such as gallons processed per day, daily operating hours, power consumed, and more. We work with every client to make sure all relevant data is being captured and presented in a meaningful and easy to understand way.

Operator Training

We provide thorough operator training so your staff are prepared to efficiently run, clean, and maintain your filtration system. We offer in-person training, online training, and can schedule followup trainings as required. Let our dedicated staff sit down with your team to ensure the safe, reliable, and long term operation of your filtration system.

Service Plans

We offer a Comprehensive Service Plan (CSP) for our equipment and customize this offering to each customer’s unique circumstances. For some, the CSP is a single monthly payment (based on an itemized list of actual expenses) made to Digested Organics. The idea of the CSP is to make upkeep of any system as easy as possible for you!

  • Replacement spiral brush filter screens and brushes, along with any seals/o-rings
  • Service/repair of UF modules (but not replacement cost)
  • Replacement forward osmosis and reverse osmosis membrane elements, along with any seals/o-rings.
  • All cleaning chemicals (e.g., alkaline cleaner, acid cleaner)
  • Pump wear parts (e.g., pump seals, etc.)
  • Any sensor wear parts (e.g., pH probe electrodes)
  • Quarterly site visits for inspection and tuning
  • Continuous remote monitoring of your system’s performance by Digested Organic’s staff
  • 24/7 phone support and <24-hour technician response time if the system goes down and we cannot fix it remotely
  • Access to our online dashboard (“DO Metrics”) for detailed information about how your system is performing and summary reports

Pay-Per-Gallon Plans

For some customers, it doesn’t make sense to purchase equipment. Instead, a lease or long term pay-per-gallon plan makes the most sense.

Leasing equipment can be ideal for short term projects or to test equipment prior to scale-up or a larger purchase. In some situations, an equipment lease will also include operating assistance from Digested Organics personnel.

For customers that don’t want to purchase or operate equipment, Digested Organics offers Pay-Per-Gallon plans. This means the customer agrees to pay a certain amount per gallon of liquid processed and Digested Organics owns and operates the equipment for the duration of the contract.

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