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Manure and Digestate Management

Digested Organics has solutions for both small and large farms, in addition to sites that already have a digester. Our advanced filtration systems help turn manure or digested liquids into clean water and concentrated fertilizers. We can also process farm runoff or leachate to produce clean water and concentrated nutrients for land application. We specialize in manure filtration, water reclamation, and digestate management.

Key Benefits

Reduce manure hauling & spreading costs

Minimize manure and digestate volumes

Grow your herd or increase digester throughput without adding more land

Compact, scalable, and modular designs for any size operation

Reduce odors, pathogens, and runoff


Spiral Brush Filter

  • Remove 15-30% of phosphorus in manure, digestate, or lagoon effluent
  • Screen manure or digestate to reduce build-up of solids in lagoons
  • Eliminate clogging of irrigation nozzles by screening lagoon effluent
  • Remove suspended solids prior to treatment with FO

Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration

  • Remove 90+% phosphorus, ~50% total nitrogen, and 99.9+% pathogens from manure and digestate
  • Concentrate phosphorus and organic nitrogen into 25% of original volume
  • Create transparent UF permeate for irrigation, reuse as flush water or sand cleaning water, and application to growing crops as fertilizer

Forward Osmosis

  • Reclaim 90+% of leachate/runoff and 50% of manure/digestate as clean water for animals to drink or to discharge
  • Reduce lagoon storage requirements while concentrating nutrients into usable fertilizers
  • Reduce freshwater consumption through beneficial reuse


  • Solids Flocculation
  • Flotation
  • Dewatering System


  • The World’s Most Anti-Fouling Membrane
  • Filterability and Cleanability
  • Fouling Resistant Nanofilter

Reverse Osmosis

  • High pressure Reverse Osmosis
  • Low pressure Reverse Osmosis

Illustrated Process Flow Diagram for Farm or Digester

1. Coarse Solids Separation

We typically use a screw-press, vibratory screen, or our Spiral Filter to remove large solids from manure and digestate prior to ultrafiltration.

2. Ultrafiltration

We utilize our robust stainless steel ultrafiltration system to remove suspended solids, pathogens, phosphorus and organic nitrogen from manures and digestate, creating a high solids concentrate and transparent permeate (sometimes called tea-water).

3. Forward Osmosis

The UF permeate is dewatered in our FO process. The extracted water is clean enough for animals to drink or for direct discharge, and the concentrate nutrients are an excellent nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer.

4. Water Polishing

For redundancy, we use ultraviolet light to disinfect the water and polish it depending on its final use (such as by aeration).

World’s Largest Manure Biogas Project

BC Organics-Digestate Management

Learn More

Don Heilman Interview with Pam Jahnke,
The BC Organics Project in Greenleaf Wisconsin

Looking for a manure or digestate management solution?

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