Landfills and Composters

Leachate Treatment

Both landfills and compost sites generate leachate, a difficult wastewater to treat and one that often requires expensive hauling to distant municipal treatment sites or payment of steep surcharges for sewer disposal. If you’re paying more than 2-3 cents/gallon for treatment, you should consider onsite treatment with Digested Organic’s Ultrafiltration or Two-Step Reverse Osmosis systems.

For most leachates, we can recover >95% of the wastewater as clean water suitable for discharge to nearby waterways, along with a concentrated waste that can undergo solidification onsite for disposal at the facility or be hauled offsite for disposal.

PFAS are a set of emerging contaminants that have been found in many landfill leachates. Our Two-Step Reverse Osmosis technology has been found to remove PFAS, along with other traditional contaminants like BOD and ammonia.

Key Benefits

Unique solutions for PFAS removal

Highly automated filtration solutions require little operator attention

Reduce leachate disposal and treatment costs


Spiral Brush Filter

  • TSS and BOD removal from leachates prior to irrigation or disposal offsite
  • Pre-screening before advanced filtration with UF or TSRO

Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration

  • Recover 95+% of leachate as a transparent liquid with reduced BOD, less color, no TSS, and fewer metals and FOG.
  • Ideal process to meet tightening regulations for disposal at municipal WWTPs
  • Thicken liquid wastes prior to composting or landfilling

Two-Step Reverse Osmosis

  • Reclaim clean water for facility reuse or direct discharge to water bodies
  • Concentrate undesirable contaminants in leachate for cost effective offsite disposal, including PFAS

Case Studies

Michigan Municipal Landfill Leachate

February 17, 2020

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