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Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Digested Organics offers a range of solutions to help food and beverage manufacturers reduce waste disposal and treatment costs, reclaim clean water for reuse or discharge, and generate new products.

All three of our core technologies can help manufacturers reduce BOD and TSS prior to sewer discharge, thereby eliminating or reducing surcharges. These systems are highly automated, require no polymers or coagulants, and can often replace more expensive chemical or biological processes.

We specialize in water reuse and can often reclaim a high proportion of a process or wastewater stream for use as boiler feed water, vegetable wash water, or other uses.

Key Benefits

Reduced costs for wastewater disposal or treatment

Reduced freshwater consumption and improved corporate social responsibility

Opportunity to create new co-products through filtration

Opportunity to reduce chemical use and improve sustainable practices


Spiral Brush Filter

  • TSS and BOD removal from facility wastewater
  • TSS and grit removal from vegetable wash water to enable reuse
  • Screening before biological treatment in activated sludge, MBR or lagoons
  • Screening before advanced filtration with UF or FO
  • Screening lagoon effluent prior to irrigation

Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration

  • Clarification or concentration of food & beverage products
  • TSS and BOD removal from facility wastewater
  • Reuse of UF permeate for fruit & vegetable washing
  • Sludge concentration from activated sludge, MBRs, or lagoon treatment
  • Pre-filtration before water reclamation with FO

Forward Osmosis

  • Water reclamation for facility reuse, discharge, or sewer disposal with lower surcharges
  • Concentration of unique food, feed, or fertilizer products
  • Reduce freshwater consumption through beneficial reuse

Case Studies

Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment

February 17, 2020

Food Waste Digestate Treatment

February 17, 2020

Let us help you turn your waste into a resource!

Contact us today for a free consultation. We can assess your current challenges and determine how our solutions can best fit at your facility.

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