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Brewery Wastewater is Increasing with Industry Growth

By April 9, 2020March 12th, 2024No Comments

Water is very important to the brewing industry – both the water used to make beer and the sanitation of the wastewater that is generated during the creation process. As the industry has grown, taking care of the wastewater has only become more and more necessary. According to the Craft Brewing Business, craft breweries can end up with an average of 3 gallons of wastewater for each gallon on beer produced (and this is much less than large brewery operations). If this wastewater is not treated properly, it can be taxing on the local environment and ecosystem. This is a huge challenge for the brewing industry.

The wastewater that is created from breweries often contains high levels of suspended solids that are not easily broken down. If this water is put into the environment, water treatment plants are not equipped to handle these kinds of solids and they can use up too much oxygen in natural water bodies that can kill the ecosystems.

By offering solutions that can help breweries not only separate these suspended solids, but also find some potential value in recycling them, Digested Organics is working on new and innovative ways to dispose of this wastewater. Digested Organics offers customized solutions for your brewery.

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