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Digested Organics December Newsletter

By August 19, 2022August 25th, 2022No Comments

From the CEO's Desk

Having now eaten the last of my turkey leftovers, the race it on to the end of the year! We are busy in the shop wrapping up several small projects, including a few pilot-scale Ultrafiltration and Two-Step Reverse Osmosis units, and starting on equipment for a large food waste digestate treatment system that will be up and running early next year. We are excited to have engaged with several new customers in the past month to start projects throughout the country, including novel anaerobic digestion facilities that will generate Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and fertilizers. I’m also happy to announce that Dr. Sam Bagchi has been promoted to our Director of Innovation and Coty Gilbert has been promoted to our Shop Manager. Both have demonstrated outstanding commitment, workmanship, and dedication to delivering top-notch filtration solutions to our customers. From all of us at Digested Organics, we wish you a productive, safe, and joyful last few weeks of 2019!

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Digested Organics Was Awarded $137,500 to Build a Manure Ultrafiltration System for Vermont

The State of Vermont awarded Digested Organics $137,500 for our phosphorous separation and concentration technology. The UF system will be able to process manure from about 100 dairy cows and will include a fiber removal process. The UF system will separate the manure into permeate (aka tea water with very little phosphorous) and concentrate. The permeate will likely remain on the farm for land application, while the concentrate can be readily hauled to fields in need of phosphorus or brought to nearby composting operations, where it can be converted into a higher value product. We look forward to working with Vermont dairies, composters, and stakeholders trying to reduce phosphorus loading to waterways in 2020.


Using Forward Osmosis to treat Food and Beverage Wastewater

We successfully demonstrated the use of our Two-Step Reverse Osmosis system, which combines Forward Osmosis (FO) and Reverse Osmosis (RO), to reclaim >90% of a food and beverage customer’s wastewater as clean, reusable water. The wastewater was low in suspended solids but very high in dissolved organics (measured as COD or BOD). Our clean water effluent could be reused in the plant, for example by washing raw ingredients or for boiler feed water, and the concentrate has value as an animal feed component. In most situations, our TSRO offers a very competitive alternative to biological treatment and evaporation.

Road Show Wraps

Road Show Wraps up for the Year

The Digested Organics team has been on the road a lot the last few months travelling to different shows across the country. We were in Chicago for WEFTEC, Madison for the World Dairy Expo, back to Chicago for the Process Expo, and then back to Madison for the Biocyle Refor19. Our team has been thrilled to meet so many new people and companies on the road and we are excited about all the potential future partnerships.
Dean Strauss

We Miss You, Dean Strauss

It saddens us to say that our friend Dean Strauss recently passed away. Dean was an invaluable partner and friend to our team at Digested Organics. He will be dearly missed. We will forever be grateful for his part in helping shape our company. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the Strauss family and Majestic Crossing.