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Digested Organics March Newsletter

By August 19, 2022August 25th, 2022No Comments

From the CEO's Desk (Our COVID-19 Response)

The past several weeks have presented both great challenges and great opportunities to our business community, customers, employees, and society at large. While we have faced an unprecedented public health crisis, we have also seen great bravery from our first responders and medical professionals, learned what it means to be good neighbors, and had opportunities take care of one another in a way that shows us the best of humanity. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by COVID-19, including many here in Michigan.

Michigan just announced a stay-at-home order until April 13th for everyone except employees working in critical businesses. Our work fabricating waste and water treatment systems, as well as our equipment’s use in agriculture and food production, means our team is still at work providing these necessary services to our customers.

Our priority is first and foremost to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families, as well as our customers and supply partners. Those personnel who are working in our shop are practicing safe social distancing and other precautionary measures consistent with guidelines established by the CDC and WHO.

What else are we doing?
  •  Our sales, technical and administrative staff will all be working remotely and will be available from 8:30 to 4:30 Eastern to assist you by telephone and email.
  • We have suspended all non-essential travel to customer and supplier facilities and restricted all non-essential visits to our facility until further notice.
We will continue to monitor and assess the situation and keep you up to date in a timely manner.  As always, thank you for your continued support; we wish you all the best.  Please be safe and stay healthy!

Congratulations to Wilderness Trail for Joining the Kentucky Bourbon Trail!

Congratulations to our friends at Wilderness Trail Distillery! Wilderness Trail has just been named the 18th distillery to be a destination on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. They were one of the founding distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour (KBTCT) and the first of those distilleries to graduate to the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail. To learn more, check out this article that was published on Smiley Pete Publishing. Way to go Wilderness Trail!


Digested Organics Deploys Filtration Equipment for Food Waste Digester in California

BioStar Organics is working with Organic Energy Solutions to create Renewable Natural Gas and organic fertilizer from food waste. Biostar chose Digested Organics to provide a complete package for digestate management, including screening, stainless steel ultrafiltration, and our Two-Step Reverse Osmosis solution. Our systems convert the digested food waste into clean water and a concentrated fertilizer product, all without utilizing polymers or other chemical aids. This allows the concentrate to be certified for use in organic agriculture. Congrats to the team at OES and Biostar for getting this project off the ground! Read more about the effort here.


Shane Baker Presented at the James B. Beam Institute Industry Conference on February 27th!

We were excited to see Shane Baker, owner of Wilderness Trail Distillery, give a great presentation about how our Ultrafiltration system has been helping his distillery lower stillage disposal costs and reclaim clean “ultrathin stillage” for backset. The conference welcomed distillery owners and staff, farmers, and anyone interested in learning more about the industry. Please reach out to learn more about how distilleries are changing their stillage handling systems with help from Digested Organics!


Digested Organics Featured on Northeast Digestion Roundtable 2020's Quarterly Webinar

On January 10th, Digested Organics was featured on the Northeast Digestion Roundtable 2020 quarterly webinar to share our “technical / operations experiences and advance best practices on Anaerobic Digestion.” Bill Guarini and Bobby Levine presented on the topic of Decentralized Resource Recovery for Distillery Stillage and Animal Waste.


Scott Crosby Joins the Team

We are thrilled to announce that Scott Crosby has joined out team as a Project Engineer. He will lead many of our upcoming projects from design, procurement, fabrication, and commissioning. He has over 20 years experience working in the wastewater and waste treatment industry, as well as deep experience with pumps, dewatering systems, and process design. Please reach out to Scott at if you have any questions.

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