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Ultrafiltration Creates Milk Permeate used to Make Vodka

By January 15, 2019March 12th, 2024No Comments

“Vodka distilled from an unwanted milk product is selling out within days of production,” according to Progressive Dairyman’s article entitled “Canadian Brewers Distill Vodka from Milk Permeate.” The article discusses the development of a new vodka product, called Vodkow, which is created using ultra-filtered milk, known as milk permeate.

Milk permeate is created by using an ultrafiltration system to remove the fat, cream, and proteins, leaving behind a liquid that is high in milk sugar or lactose. Yeast is then added to begin the quick fermentation process and ultimately create Vodkow.

In the article, Omid McDonald, founder of Dairy Distillery, describes Vodkow as a clear, sweet smelling liquid with the same heat as vodka but having an almost caramel aftertaste that makes is easy to sip.

The hope is that Vodkow is the start to a new development in the alcohol industry that could also create an additional revenue stream for the dairy industry.

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