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Ultrafiltration Technology Helps Distilleries Manage Stillage

By January 15, 2019March 12th, 2024No Comments

One of the biggest challenges in distilling is the disposal or treatment of stillage, the remaining mixture of grain and water after fermentation and distillation. With the growing production of spirits, distillers are faced with more and more stillage that can be costly to process and transport. While stillage contains grains that are useful as an animal feed, it is typically 94-97% water, so huge volumes have to be transported to deliver relatively few pounds of useful feed.

Digested Organics is a company that is committed to changing the way waste is managed. Our mission is to empower businesses to reclaim waste in a way that is more cost effective and eco-friendly. Our ultrafiltration technology solution for stillage can remove 65-90% of the liquid volume as “ultra-thin stillage,” which is ideal to reuse as backset with no fats/oil nor bacteria, and fewer organics. The remaining concentrate is typically 12-15% dry matter and rich in protein, making it more valuable as an animal feed and less costly to transport.  To learn more, visit: #filtration