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Wastewater Filtration

Digested Organics provides breweries with filtration solutions for wastewater to cost-effectively treat and dispose of wastes.

Key Benefits

Reduce wastewater disposal costs and complexity

Automated technology with remote access and mobile alerts

Reduces wastewater volumes and conserves freshwater

Opportunities to create higher value co-products


Spiral Brush Filter

  • Recover 98%+ wastewater as filtrate with reduced TSS and BOD.
  • Screen wastewater to reduce sewer surcharges
  • Concentrated solids can be an animal feed component or hauled to digester to create biogas
  • Screen digester effluent to retain carrier particles (e.g., activated carbon) used in high rate digesters
  • Screen wastewater before advanced filtration with UF or FO

Stainless Steel Ultrafiltration

  • Recover 85-95% of brewery wastewater as a transparent permeate, suitable for sewer discharge with lower surcharges or land application/irrigation where allowed
  • Concentrate the organic matter in wastewater for animal feeds or to haul to nearby anaerobic digesters to create biogas
  • Filter wastewater ahead of advanced filtration with FO

Forward Osmosis

  • Reclaim 80-95% of wastewater as clean water suitable for reuse, discharge, or sewer disposal with low or no surcharges
  • Create a liquid concentrate suitable for animal feeds or hauling to a wastewater treatment plant or digester for disposal
  • Reduce freshwater consumption through beneficial reuse

EXPLORING Filtration

Call us to learn more about how a Brewery Filtration System can help your facility. We will assess your current situation and make recommendations about where we can provide you with the most benefits.

TESTING Filtration

Digested Organics will perform detailed pilot testing on your material at our facility in Michigan and provide you with a thorough report and proposal for a full-scale installation.


Digested Organics delivers, installs, and commissions your new filtration system while teaching employees how it works and ensuring it meets or exceeds your expectations.


The filtration system becomes an integral part of your facility and allows you to streamline and expand your operations, reduce freshwater consumption, and sell a concentrated animal feed co-product or bioenergy feedstock.

Case Studies

LET US SHOW YOU HOW TO: Reduce Wastewater Handling Costs | Enable Increased Production | Reclaim Water

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