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Digested Organics Can Accurately Test & Analyze Livestock Manure

By April 16, 2020March 12th, 2024No Comments

Poor management of livestock manure can cause detrimental environmental impacts across the globe including pollution of natural waterways, greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Digested Organics is here to help! We offer pilot testing of animal waste and can accurately test and analyze results of what is in your livestock waste. With these results, farmers can understand how many nutrients and pathogens are in the manure of their animals and use this information to take action and adhere to regulations.

Once we provide this information, we can also recommend customized solutions to meet the needs of your farm. In fact, our Ultrafiltration and Two-Step Reverse Osmosis systems can help to break down this manure even further, allowing you to separate it into clean, reusable water and an easily transportable by-product that can be used as fertilizer.

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